Standard prescription eyewear or contact lenses cannot compensate for higher order aberrations - small imperfections in the visual system that cause potential glare and decreased vision.


Custom contact lenses address both lower and higher order aberrations by not only improving standard myopic and astigmatic vision, but also including higher order aberrations to reduce blurring, and glare and halo thereby improving day and night vision.


Along with standard contact lens users custom contact lenses can also especially benefit difficult to fit patients such as:


  • Presbyopia

  • High Astigmatism

  • Keratoconus patients

  • Post cross-linking patients

  • Patients with irregular refractions

  • Decentered ablations due to refractive surgery


Custom contact lenses provide superior quality of vision compared to standard contact lenses.





“As the refracting Optician and Contact Lens Practitioner with scientific background, my goal is to provide the best potential vision rehabilitation to all my patients with the cutting edge contact and spectacle lens designs supported by academic research and strong clinical trials. Hence, I am always open to discuss and recommend the most up-to-date myopia control optical treatment and technology for various vision correction during your visit in my office.

I am most interested in precision vision exam, challenging contact lens fitting and myopia prevention and control. 


I look forward to seeing you and talking to you about the cutting edge technology in optical rehabilitation of vision.”