We offer a professional vision exam with the purchase of glasses and/or contact lenses* 

*Some exclusions apply, please inquire in-store for details to see if you are eligible.

Why wouldn’t you want to see as perfectly as possible?



  • Are you having difficulty adapting to the new prescription because things seemed distorted or blurry, or your eyes had a pulling sensation or you could not get used to your new glasses?

  • Or was there a lot of glare coming off of headlights while driving in glasses or after laser surgery vision correction especially at rainy night


The innovative new technology in VISION EXAM, spectacle and contact lenses is explained by licenced contact lens optician A. Jiliba, PhD in Optics:


Higher order aberrations are small imperfections in the visual system that cause potential glare and decreased vision more often in dim illumination and at night. It is extremely important for some vision condition that the prescription derived from the vision examination is accurate.


We rely on adaptive optics-guided vision examination which is ten times more accurate then conventional prescription based on spherocylindrical correction alone.


Also at the next step we consider how, the making use current technology advantage in minimizing of spectacle lens aberration and custom derived contact lenses manufacturing for challenging eye, to improve vision at night, colour perception, and contrast sensitivity.


Ask us if you are a good candidate for the world’s most accurate prescription for spectacle and contact lenses.






“As the refracting Optician and Contact Lens Practitioner with scientific background, my goal is to provide the best potential vision rehabilitation to all my patients with the cutting edge contact and spectacle lens designs supported by academic research and strong clinical trials. Hence, I am always open to discuss and recommend the most up-to-date myopia control optical treatment and technology for various vision correction during your visit in my office.

I am most interested in precision vision exam, challenging contact lens fitting and myopia prevention and control. 


I look forward to seeing you and talking to you about the cutting edge technology in optical rehabilitation of vision.”